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Sport Produkt (258032 B)
Sport Produkt (258032 B)
About company
Multi branch company Sport Produkt was founded in 1995. Primarily, the companies’ activities were aimed at the extreme sports clothing designing. In 2001, we extended our activities towards mounting of the electromechanical equipment, whereas in 2005 we entered into cooperation as a provider of finished products mounting. At present, the main customers of ours are both the leading manufacturers of electrical and non-electrical domestic appliances as well as the power and automotive industry.

Our headquarters is located in the vicinity of the main transit routes joining Eastern, Southern Western and Northern Europe. The nearest airports are in Katowice Pyrzowice as well as in Balice near Kraków.

At present, we manufacture domestic appliances and provide high quality mounting, logistic and transport services, granted with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Certificate.

The company production, warehouse and office area amounts to about 15 000 square metres. Our personnel constitutes highly-qualified employees.