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Sport Produkt (258032 B)
Sport Produkt (258032 B)

Multi branch company Sport Produkt has gained extensive experience in the electromechanical (mechatronic) component mounting services (manual and automatic), for the domestic appliances and power and automotive industry. Thanks to the highest quality of our services, we have won trust of the most renowned international companies all over the world.

Our semi-finished and finished products offer contains:

 -  dishwasher and washing machine programmers,
 -  tank less water heaters activators,
 -  dishwasher, washing machine and cooker switches,
 -  dishwasher electric valves,
 -  dishwasher and washing machine door blocks,
 -  other (more than 700 items),
 as well as about 1000 non-electrical domestic appliances, such as cafetieres or tea infusers.

We have modern production and warehouse hall as well as we pride ourselves on the flexible workforce.
Depending on the demand, we are able to employ up to 350 well-qualified persons.

Currently, we provide production, logistic, warehouse and transport services, as well as we offer production and warehouse area rental.

Companies interested in cooperation are kindly invited to visit our headquarters.